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so i just finished working out after being fuming mad out about finding out that my second, yes SECOND, replacement debit card hasn’t even been shipped out and its been almost a month since my original one got stolen. i got my first replacement 2 weeks ago and when i went to activate it it wouldn’t work. i went to the bank and they proceeded to tell me that i “wasn’t even supposed to get the card because they messed up and that a new one should be coming in a day or 2” nothing. last week i called and they said it would be in but it still never came. today i called and found out that there was a shipping delay which made me even more pissed. now some of you might be like “omg why is she getting so mad over a debit card” but honestly its so frustrating because its bad enough it got stolen, i haven’t been able to use it in a month, and now i have 3 concerts coming up and i need to order things online and i just need to access my damn money and I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT TAKES A MONTH JUST TO GET A NEW CARD…. ANYWAYS, back to what i was saying about working out. i personally have never worked out to relieve stress before, i just work out to get in shape and what not. i was so stressed about my debit card that it motivated me to just get on our elliptical to get my mind off of it. i’m telling you now i understand why people work out to relieve stress. i feel so much better and not guilty like i would if i would have decided to eat junk food. i was honestly so pissed off before but working out made me feel better and yeah it just feels so good to feel a little calmer after being so stressed

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